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Acrylic countertop displays are durable

Acrylic Countertop Displays

Customers parade in and out of retail stores everyday, and business owners are bound to experience a bull in their china shop from time to time. This is why American Fixture offers acrylic countertop displays to its customers in addition to our glass jewelry display cases. Acrylic products have become very popular because not only are they less apt to break, but they are also lighter and sturdier.

American Fixture also offers acrylics because they are transparent. This means that the display itself doesn't detract from the product, such as jewelry, that it is showcasing. Acrylic display items are easy on the eyes and your wallet, so contact us today for more information.

Showcase products with acrylic display items

Jewelry, digital cameras, collectors' items and much more can be showcased with acrylic. Display items, such as acrylic cubes and counter display fixtures are a great way to highlight a product without letting the display itself garner any attention. This concept is especially important when choosing jewelry displays, and that's why American Fixture recommends using acrylic countertop displays for your most prominent pieces.

If you have specific ideas regarding how you would like a display stand to look, then let us know! American Fixture can customize acrylic displays as well as displays made of other materials. Simply present your idea to one of our experienced designers and we'll work with you to bring you what you want. We offer personalized service to meet each individual's needs, so contact us today to begin turning your retail store dreams in to reality.