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Slatwall fixtures for retailers

Create new retail store display fixtures at virtually any time with the help of American Fixture. Slatwall fixtures are perhaps the most economical and simple type of fixture to customize and rearrange frequently, and frequent display change will keep your customers coming back to see what is new.

Brushed metal slatwall panels and wood panels are available. If you don't see something on our website that you are looking for, then please contact us because there's a good chance that we carry the product.

Slatwall displays are versatile

American Fixture has more than just wall displays. We also offer free-standing slatwall displays. This type of display is great because there are many different types of accessories, such as slatwall shelves, slatwall baskets and slatwall hooks, so your merchandising can be as unique as you'd like it to be.

Free-standing displays are also great fixtures to have near your cash registers because customers are standing still and have their wallets out. How many times have you caught yourself throwing a novelty or featured product into your shopping basket because it happened to catch your eye while waiting in line to pay for the items they came into the store looking for. This type of strategic merchandising is just one of many ways that our experienced staff can help you make the most out of your slatwall fixtures.

Modern design -- brushed metal slatwall panels

Make store displays stand out. To give them a sleek and modern look, American Fixture recommends using brushed metal slatwall panels. These panels not only look new age, but they also are a little more durable than our traditional wood slatwall displays.

For more information about our products, please contact us today!