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We are often asked “so what exactly do you design in a store”? The answer is we can design everything from the ground up including walls, floors, ceiling, case work, display fixtures, lighting, and signs. We also have clients that simply contact us for input and advice as they are designing their own store. Below we have included our six basic steps in design and layout of a new store.

For more information or questions about store planning please contact us atsales@americanstorefixture.comor phone us at 1-866-547-8042.

  1. Store Design and Layout:Your store should unfold for the customer like a good book. Each and every chapter should be planned to pull the customer into and through your store with a happy ending for you at the cash register.
  1. Visual Merchandise Displays:Displays should tell stories about the merchandise they display. This validates the items value and helps cross sell groups of products instead of just single items.
  1. Lighting:Lighting should make the store feel welcoming, easy to understand, and draw customers to the merchandise.
  1. Signage and Graphics:Signs and graphics should position your store and help to create a lifestyle image that appeals to your customers. This should help your customer find their way and provide the basic information that sells merchandise.
  1. Branding:Your logo and tag line should appear on everything from signs, business cards, letterhead, ads, flyers, etc. They are a powerful representation of your brand.  These should be current and on target for who you are as a company.
  1. Materials and Colors:The finishes used in your store should match with your brand image and help to create a positive shopping environment for your customer.